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As we age, the utmost significant step for any of us to take is to commit to our health on all levels. By doing that, we continue to reinvent ourselves, to grow and to develop.

That’s the advice of 33 year old of Mohamed Taleb, who didn’t think of how many years he had clocked up in this life when he first started bodybuilding at age ….

“I hang onto reinventing myself, this doesn’t have to do with the number of years I have, it has to do with your growth and development.”

I don´t enforce restrictions on myself. People limit themselves by age, gender; weight and it’s very annoying and frustrating. Weight is a mindset.
Through this sport, he says he has also learned the science of how to master health and control eating habits, but Mohamad’s transition to body-building wasn’t from a totally blank canvas: As a child, when growing up in Lebanon, he participated in gymnastics and weight lifting competition in his local suburbs.

His commitment to a particularly healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise is his passion and the advice he have for his customers is:
“I don’t know what the next 10 years hold for me, I have no clue, but I recommend that you should work on the body and the mind. My first workout of the day is my body workout — that’s what makes the difference for me.

“I also go to bed early and keep a positive attitude. The first step for any one of us is that commitment to being healthy — without your health, you are half dead!”

He prefers to call his daily routine a “ritual” because he says the difference between a routine and a ritual is not necessarily the action, but the attitude behind the action that is about health, fitness, motivation, and inspiration.

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